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Google Pixel 6a – Unlocked 5G Smartphone

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The Google Pixel 6a stands out as the newest addition to Google’s smartphone lineup, aiming to provide an outstanding user experience at a budget-friendly price. What distinguishes it from other smartphones available in the market? Let’s delve into its key features.

Design and Display

Sleek and Modern Design: The Pixel 6a showcases a stylish and contemporary design, featuring slim bezels and a captivating display that fully engages you with your favorite content.

Vibrant OLED Display: Boasting a vibrant OLED display, the Pixel 6a delivers sharp visuals and vivid colors, enhancing every image and video.


Robust Performance: With cutting-edge hardware and software optimizations, the Pixel 6a ensures seamless performance whether you’re multitasking or gaming on the move.

Effortless User Experience: Bid farewell to lags and slowdowns with the Pixel 6a’s potent processor and optimized software, guaranteeing a smooth user experience.


Seize Every Moment: The Pixel 6a is equipped with a top-tier camera system, enabling you to effortlessly capture breathtaking photos and videos.

Advanced Camera Technology: Featuring advanced AI-powered functions and improved image processing, the Pixel 6a guarantees that every shot is a masterpiece.

Battery Life

Long-Lasting Battery: Say goodbye to battery anxiety with the Pixel 6a’s impressive battery life that keeps you powered throughout the day.

Quick Charging: When it’s time to recharge, the Pixel 6a supports fast charging, allowing you to swiftly return to your activities.

Operating System

Up-to-Date Android Experience: Being a Google device, the Pixel 6a operates on the latest Android version, granting access to all the newest features and updates.

User-Friendly Interface: With a neat and user-friendly interface, the Pixel 6a simplifies device navigation, ensuring you find what you need promptly.


Stay Connected: Whether you’re at home or on the move, the Pixel 6a ensures you stay connected with rapid and reliable 5G connectivity.

Enhanced Connectivity Features: With attributes like Wi-Fi 6E support and Bluetooth 5.2, the Pixel 6a guarantees you’re always linked to the world around you.

Initial Impressions

Glowing Reviews: Early reviewers are lauding the Pixel 6a, particularly highlighting its impressive performance and camera capabilities.

Positive Reception: From tech enthusiasts to everyday users, the Pixel 6a is garnering positive feedback across the spectrum.

In summary, the Google Pixel 6a is poised to revolutionize the smartphone market by offering premium features at an accessible price point. With its chic design, potent performance, and advanced camera features, it’s set to captivate even the most discerning smartphone users. Stay tuned for its release and prepare to embrace the future of mobile technology!

Specification: Google Pixel 6a – Unlocked 5G Smartphone

Product Dimensions

6 x 2.8 x 0.35 inches

Item Weight

6.3 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)




128 GB

Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC



Special features

Water resistant

Other display features


Human Interface Input


Scanner Resolution

1080 x 2400

Other camera features

Rear, Front

Audio Jack


Form Factor



Battery Power Rating


Whats in the box

1m USB-C to USB-C cable (USB 2.0), SIM Tool, Quick Switch Adapter, Cell Phone, Quick Start Guide



Date First Available

July 18, 2022

Memory Storage Capacity

128 GB

Standing screen display size

6.13 Inches

Ram Memory Installed Size

6 GB

Battery Capacity

4410 Milliamp Hours


178 Grams

Charging Time

111 minutes

10 reviews for Google Pixel 6a – Unlocked 5G Smartphone

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  1. Techman

    Overall I am very happy with the Pixel 6a which I finally purchased as a replacement for my Pixel 3a which I’ve had since 2019 and served me very well but lost support for updates over a year ago. I was targeting getting a phone for under $400 and this meets that requirement. For me it was a choice between the Pixel 6a and the Samsung A54 5G but in the end I got the Pixel 6a 5g because my experience with the Pixel 3a was so good.

    This is a review after having the Pixel 6a phone for a month. Yes, I am experiencing similar issues others are with the fingerprint sensor but it doesn’t appear to be as bad for me as it has been for others. For me the transition of apps and data from my previous phone to this one was fairly seamless once of course I moved the sim card from my 3a to the 6a. I think any phone you get today is well served to have a case so I did purchase one for this phone as well.

    I’m not experiencing the network connectivity issues others have, either with wifi or mobile and it runs very well on the Mint Mobile network I have been using since 2018. In fact bluetooth, which is my preferred mode of conversation on the phone and I use quite a bit, noticeably clearer for me on the 6a than it was on the 3a. Plus others seem to hear me better when I’m on bluetooth on the 6a than when I was on the 3a. The phone connects to 5g on mobile very reliably and works very well.

    For me with my usage battery life is more than sufficient. For me I only need it to hold a charge during the day and on the charger at night. If it can do that I’m happy and so far it’s met that requirement. Keep in mind that I do not use the phone to play games although I do watch YouTube videos and TV on the device.

    There have been widespread reports of this phone getting warm and in some cases getting hot. That I have not experienced so far in my month of usage.

    Some have reported not being able to see the screen very well in strong sunlight. So far that has not been an issue for me. The Pixel 3a had a maximum nits rating of 442 nits and the Pixel 6a has maximum nits rating of 785 so there is in fact a vast improvement in brightness in the 6a, In all fairness, since I was used to the brightness of the Pixel 3a, the Pixel 6a was much brighter to me.

    Then there’s the camera. For me the quality of the camera is a very important factor since I use it quite a bit to photograph friends and family for social occasions. I was very happy with the camera on the Pixel 3a and the Pixel 6a has not disappointed since the Pixel 6a comes with two rear cameras instead of just one. Although many of the new phones come with higher megapixel cameras I feel the software that the Pixel 6a offers more than makes up for that. It still has exemplary low light capability that is not matched by other mid to low cost phones. In particular, the night site mode it now has enables taking pictures in lighting that other phones simply could not handle I feel.

    Then there’s the matter of this phone not having a headphone jack which for me again is not an issue since I prefer bluetooth but that’s just me. To be fair, it seems there is a big trend towards phones not having a headphone jack so it’s not just the Pixel 6a that is going in this direction. I find being chained to a physical cable attached to the phone to be annoying and inconvenient. Also, with the move to bluetooth 5 and above, I feel the sound quality has improved to the point where the sound quality is as good as a physical connection but that’s just me.

    Then there’s the matter of this phone now having an ip67 rating which should give it a good degree of protection against getting wet. This is an improvement from the Pixel 3a which did not have an ip rating.

    To summarize, so far this Pixel 6a has served me very well for the month I have owned it although I realize my positive experiences with it do not match others who have experienced issues I have not. I do not doubt the issues others have experienced with this phone. It’s just that so far I have not.

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  2. coffeeguy

    Bought this to replace a Moto G6 as I liked that phone size. It came new in box with Android 13 on it. Was a bit leery because of bad reviews concerning the fingerprint reader and issues concerning the battery getting very warm, but for every bad review there was a good review so I decided to give it a try. At first I thought the fingerprint reader was a bit wonky but I re-registered my print and as some others suggested I added a second set of prints from the same finger and now have very little problem with the finger print reader and am happy with it.
    Another concern I had the first week of ownership was battery life. It seemed to go down pretty fast and by the end of the day it was down to about 15%. The battery did get warm a couple times but by no means did it get hot. By the end of the second week I noticed battery life was still around 50% at the end of the day. The adaptive battery function seems to take several days to work. I’m not a gamer and am just using the phone for calls, texts, reading news, web browsing, taking photos and maybe a couple of short videos. I use Android Auto in my car and this phone works terrific with it. Much better than the Moto did.
    I’m just using a regular USB C cord to charge it up. Most the time I charge it overnight when it automatically does a slow charge and a message on the screen says it will be fully charged by 6am. I have charged it up during the day using a wall wart from my old moto phone and it takes about 2-3 hours to charge.
    As others have mentioned there are a few Google things to deal with like the search bar that cant be removed from home screen.
    The display is nice and is pretty good when looking at it in the sun. Adaptive brightness has been working good. Android 13 runs fast and no problems there. Using the same plan as when I had the Moto but signal strength is better with this 6a.
    Really I have no big complaints and am really happy with this phone.

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  3. MA Smith

    My Pixel 6a was a major upgrade for me. I love its lightening speed, long battery life and fast recharge. It does come with a learning curve because it has so much capability. I’m really happy with the camera. It has so many bells and whistles that I have yet to explore, but takes wonderfully sharp photos over a very large range of distances. I like the size because it fits my hands, my pockets and my purse easily. The screen might be small for those who want to do a lot of photo editing on their phone, but I like the smaller size. I am happy with the purchase.

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  4. Sasim

    Battery health good mobile speed and mobile features is good

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  5. Cliente Amazon

    Fácil de instalar

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  6. Me encantó, te puedes entretener por mucho tiempo, en realidad no es para niños pequeños ya que las piezas son demasiado pequeñas y para los adultos puede ser complicado para los niños más.

    Es muy buen celular y no tiene ninguna falla que sea de Google ocasiona que tenga muchos atajos y flexibilidad en muchas cosas

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  7. Eduardo

    Muy rápido a pesar de tener solo 6 GB de ram y casi dos años Ene le mercado, buena batería, llego a las 12 de la noche con el 50 % de batería, bonito, y se siente de excelente calidad. El mejor teléfono que he tenido, en cuanto a red es excelente lo único malo es que si no soporta la red 5G de México. Pero las llamadas se escuchan excelentes en el lte y los mensajes siempre llegan.

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  8. Nurse Bill

    This is a terrific, solid, well designed phone. Like many people, I have been through a number of phones. I have never owned a top of the line phone because I don’t need that kind of functionality (or the price tag). In my experience, this Pixel 6A is the best phone I have ever had at a reasonable price. It works, takes nice pictures, and has a very good battery life. It is a good size (not too big, not too small) and is reliable. It’s not sexy, it just is.

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  9. Frank L.

    I needed to upgrade my trusty Pixel 5a. Man, I loved that phone! Sadly, Google is stopping security updates on that model–don’t get me started–so the upgrade was necessary. (BTW, this 6a will get updates until July, 2027.) I’m happy with this purchase so far! Only $157.99, so the price was not at all painful. This refurbished phone was graded as “good” but it is certainly in fine shape. Just a few VERY tiny blemishes on the case but not anything more than I would do to it in a few months. The camera works great. Transfer of data from one phone to the other was flawless. Set up was simple: I just popped in the SIM and it was all good. I could not be happier with this purchase!

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  10. AllOver

    Great phone at a good price point. The internet is full of rave reviews going into great detail about this phone. I chose it mainly because it has a great camera and it is capable of “Always on”, and it isn’t bloated with preloaded “stuff” like my old Huawei. We live in a “cell phone world” and there are many choices out there and I wanted a phone that I would be happy with for some time to come.
    Fast camera, quality OLED screen, Gorilla glass, 5G, water resistance rating and a decent livable size. Phones can be huge making it difficult to manage in your day to day. How and where do you put it? This size can be put in your pocket or be worn on the belt.
    More about the “Always On”. I appreciate the fact that when the phone is beside me, I can glance at it without touching it and it gives me information; Day, Date, Time etc. Not all screens/phones can do this.
    It has only been a week and I am still getting used to (and surprised by) all the features. I can recommend this phone without hesitation.

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