Google Pixel Watch 2: Heart Rate Tracking, Stress Management, Safety Features – Android Smartwatch with Fitbit Integration – Champagne Gold Aluminum Case – Hazel

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  • Google Pixel Watch 2 with advanced sensors for heart rate tracking, skin temperature, and stress management
  • Features enhanced 24-hour battery life and always-on display
  • Body-response feature helps identify signs of stress and track skin temperature, blood oxygen levels, and sleep variations
  • Includes Emergency SOS, Fall Detection, and Safety Check for safety monitoring
  • ECG app for assessing heart rhythm and tracking workouts with Auto Workout mode and Heart Zone Training
  • Integration with Google apps for easy access to texts, emails, calls, music, and more
  • Fast Pair feature for connecting with other Pixel devices, including Pixel Buds and control of Pixel Camera and Nest devices from the watch

Introducing the Google Pixel Watch 2

Stay connected and take charge of your health with the latest wearable technology from Google – the Pixel Watch 2. This smartwatch combines the best features of Fitbit and Google to bring you a comprehensive health and fitness companion in a stylish Champagne Gold Aluminum Case with a Hazel band.

Advanced Health Monitoring

The Pixel Watch 2 is equipped with three new advanced sensors for heart rate tracking, skin temperature monitoring, and stress management. With the new heart rate sensor and Google AI technology, you can enjoy precise heart rate tracking to better understand your health and fitness levels.

Extended Battery Life and Display

With an enhanced 24-hour battery life and an always-on display, the Pixel Watch 2 ensures that you stay connected and informed throughout the day. Just charge for 75 minutes to get a full day of use.

Safety and Emergency Features

Feel safe and secure with features like Emergency SOS and Fall Detection, as well as Safety Check that alerts your close contacts if you don’t respond to a check-in timer. The Pixel Watch 2 is designed to keep you safe and connected at all times.

Fitness and Wellness Tracking

Track your workouts with features like Auto Workout mode and Heart Zone Training. The Pixel Watch 2 also helps you manage stress with its body-response feature and monitors variations in skin temperature, blood oxygen levels, and sleep patterns.

Seamless Integration with Google Apps

Access your favorite Google apps directly from your wrist, including Calendar, Maps, Gmail, and more. Respond to messages, answer calls, and listen to music and podcasts conveniently from anywhere with the Pixel Watch 2.

Fast Pair and Connectivity

Connect your Pixel devices effortlessly with Fast Pair technology. Enjoy listening to music with Pixel Buds, and control your Pixel Camera and Nest devices directly from your watch.


  • Package Dimensions: 6.61 x 3.98 x 2.56 inches
  • Item Weight: 7.7 ounces
  • OS: Android
  • Connectivity technologies: Wi-Fi
  • Special features: Heart Rate Monitor
  • Standing screen display size: 41 Millimeters
  • Color: Gold Case w/ Hazel Band – WiFi
  • Manufacturer: Google
  • Country of Origin: Vietnam
  • Date First Available: October 4, 2023

Experience the future of wearable technology with the Google Pixel Watch 2. Stay connected, stay healthy, and stay stylish with this advanced smartwatch.

Specification: Google Pixel Watch 2: Heart Rate Tracking, Stress Management, Safety Features – Android Smartwatch with Fitbit Integration – Champagne Gold Aluminum Case – Hazel

Package Dimensions

6.61 x 3.98 x 2.56 inches

Item Weight

7.7 ounces

Item model number




Connectivity technologies


Special features

Heart Rate Monitor

Other display features


Human Interface Input



Gold Case w, Hazel Band – WiFi



Country of Origin


Date First Available

October 4, 2023


0.22 Kilograms

Standing screen display size

41 Millimeters

665 reviews for Google Pixel Watch 2: Heart Rate Tracking, Stress Management, Safety Features – Android Smartwatch with Fitbit Integration – Champagne Gold Aluminum Case – Hazel

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  1. LL in AK

    arrived in superb condition, works well. Poor battery life but, apparently that is the truth with Pixel watches in general. Otherwise a great product, very happy to have it.

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  2. GBarrington

    I had to replace my aging Galaxy S3 Frontier which is at it’s end of life. I love that watch! I was going to get either a Galaxy S6 Pro or a Pixel Watch 2. After much soul searching, I knew I had to make a decision. so the gambler in me decided to try something new. I’m glad I did!

    Now clearly, a watch released less than 6 months ago is going to out perform one released 6 or 7 years ago. But the improvement in performance is remarkable.

    It’s faster responding, pairs quickly and easily with my Pixel 6a smartphone, and has superior software.

    It’s really the software that makes the smartwatch useful and productive. And to Samsung’s credit, they kept my old war horse’s software current. But, the Fitbit software is much more modern than Samsung Health. It can scan barcode label on food packages when I record what I eat and it is much more flexible in terms of how the nutrient servings list is recorded. And that means less manual calculations when trying adjust servings from grams to, say, ounces.

    Heart monitoring is more accurate, stair climbing is much more accurate, and sleep monitoring is actually usable. It might be the advancements in sensor quality rather than the software algorithms. But I do trust the results more.

    Charging the battery is FAST. I get about 36 hours of life from the battery, on about 45 minutes of charging. Twenty minutes of charging while I shower in the morning will give me about 12 hours of battery life. The wireless magnetic charger is a little different from the Samsung watch, but it is very functional. The user needs to make sure that the crown and stem is parallel to the power cord, and once the watch is about an inch away from the charger, the charger is drawn to the watch magnetically and it leaps up and connects to the watch. This is not BS on my part, it happens everyday. Only once has this connection not been made perfectly.

    The PW 2, is smaller and lighter, physically. It’s about the size of a traditional men’s mechanical dress watch. My ancient eyes can see the slightly smaller screen with ease. My arthritic gorilla fingers akso have no problem manipulating the screen. It is comfortable to wear long term, even to bed, for sleep monitoring. It offers a more classy and elegant appearance than the larger and sportier S6 Pro.

    I was comfortable with the new user interface within a day or two; so I think people coming from another brand won’t have a huge learning curve. Like the Pixel Smartphones, Google uses a simple and uncluttered interface that I found very intuitive.

    I am quite pleased with my purchase,and can recommend it to others.

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  3. Natalie M.

    My biggest complaint is with the steps tracking it’s definitely not accurate and sometimes counts when I’m driving. Other than that I have had no issues, even the battery life gives me two days which is unusual apparently. I would definitely recommend!

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  4. Tye Watson

    Got this for my girlfriend and she loves it. It helps her monitor her heart, keeps track of steps well and she likes being able to text on it.

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  5. Dan Bryant

    I’ve been loving this watch since I first put it on. From what I’ve read, the Samsung Galaxy watch is considered better, but you need an additional wireless plan, and I didn’t want that. The Pixel Watch 2 has a bluetooth/wifi option and that is good enough for me. I already had a Pixel 8, so it works seamlessly with my phone.

    I also really like how customizable the phone is. There are lots of watch face options and you can even further customize each watch face. There are also downloadable watch face apps for even more options. I have not explored this too much beyond what is included on the watch. There are lots of accessories available to customize the look of the watch. It comes with a basic silicon strap. It’s fine, but you can find different colors and styles of bands and cases.

    I have two main complaints…

    1) Battery Life – You have to charge it once a day on average. I like using it to track my sleep, so I need to charge it during the day. That being said, it charges quickly. I’ve gotten in the habit of charging it in the morning when I sit down to start my work day.

    2) Charging Cable – It has a special, unique charging cable. It doesn’t plug in, it uses a magnet to attach. It’s always annoying having special cables for charging. It is also a different charging cable/mechanism than the previous model.

    Additional Concerns… You need to get a protective case. It’s a watch, you will bump it into stuff, drop it, etc. Just a screen protector will not cut it. The curved body means a film protector will come off more easily. There are plenty of cheap options for protective cases available, though.

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  6. tomfromboston

    So I quickly learned after getting the watch a few days ago to go into the watch’s settings, click battery, and turn on the battery saver. To have your watch come on, you gently tap the screen or press the crown button. This has greatly improved the battery life. But YOU shouldn’t have to do that with a watch that costs this much.
    On the plus side, you can change just about every setting imaginable, and the Fitbit is a nice touch (despite most of the good features behind a subscription service). That’s called Google greed. You’ll get used to it. They’re a monopoly for a reason. Using it to make and receive calls is awesome. Got a call the other day and was able to talk as I washed the dishes. No earbuds are required. The person who called me said the audio was great.
    I highly recommend this if you don’t mind the craptacular battery life. I’m surprised they didn’t fix it with a software update. Something is feasting on the power. Or they went with the lowest bidder for parts.
    Oh, if you have fat fingers or medium-sized ones, forget about the keyboard. LOL. You’ll need a stylus (yes they work). The speech-to-text is very good but you have to remember to say “period” or “comma” when composing messages. If you don’t, it’ll be one long sentence without proper punctuation. You can even say “heart emoji” and it’ll insert that. You can also go back and edit the message with your fingers and use the keyboard to correct mistakes. I’ll update my review if needed and the longer I use it. Oh, the ECG works and is very cool. Even the sleep monitor caught my apnea.

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  7. Eli

    I had a Samsung Galaxy watch for 3 years, it was good but this newer Google pixel watch is such an improvement.. love it. Very happy with my purchase even tho it’s a little pricey.

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  8. Hisham Hassan

    Very comfortable, easy to sync, easy to read and friendly to navigate.
    Love the apps, specially the wallet that makes my payments easy and faster.
    Battery could last almost two days, but I rather charge it every night for about 15 to 20 minutes and be ready.
    Having everything Google at home, from thermostat, hubs and pixel 8 phone, it make sense to me having the pixel watch 2.
    I do miss the battery life on my Fitbit sense (7days), but I really love this pixel watch !!!

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  9. Tye Watson

    Great watch only thing is I wished it was just a tiny bit bigger/bulkier otherwise its perfect

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